Video Capture

Here is an example of video capture. ( still image capture )

This particular customer lives some 60 klms away from a remote property. The property has four watering points and is serviced by a mains water supply. We were asked to supply a system capable of delivering snapshot images of the water points and have the images emailed morning and afternoon.

The four watering points were located apart, over an distance of several kilometre's. The most southern site was used as the gateway to the nextG network, and the sites in a line to the north, accessed the gateway using 2.4G WIFI. Timers at each site turn the hardware on only at the times required to capture and upload the images. Due to the low duty cycle of operation, only a small solar panel (20 watt) and 12V GEL battery is required.

Knowing that the troughs have clean water available, and no issues with animals around, provides peace of mind, and saves lots of travel.


Water point view !